Get bush cook’n the way Jase does and show them who’s CampBoss with your lightweight, spun-steel All 4 Adventure camp oven.

Spun steel heats faster than cast iron. Needs less coals so works well with smaller fires. Food cooks faster so you’ll be getting into that tucker before the sun sets.

Roast, bake, fry, or boil with this versatile cooking tool. Includes trivet which aids air circulation and prevents food from burning on the bottom.

Pile the coals onto the lid for all-round heat. Lid can also be used as a fry pan.

Easy to maintain. Just give it a wipe and oil it before packing it away.

Bundle includes:

1 x 12-inch spun steel camp oven
1 x Trivet
1 x Canvas storage bag
1 x Lifting handle
1 x Pair heavy-duty gloves